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MEN SkinCare

Men's skin care needs are just as important as women's.

It is becoming more common for men to use spa services and to take care of their skin.

Men typically have larger sebaceous glands and oilier skin. They also need sun protection.

Men may tend to neglect their skin care because it is not considered masculine or a priority.

There are unisex product lines with packaging or fragrance that are not overly feminine.

Shaving before a facial actually makes the skin more sensitive.

On freshly shaven skin, exfoliating products or techniques,

including strong sensitizing agents such as AHA's (Alpha Hydro Acids)

and Microdermabrasion, may be contraindicated.

Overall, the beard tends to be relatively sensitive due to shaving lotions that

contain perfume, alcohol, or other similar substances.

Shaving itself is also quite abrasive to the skin, so men need more calming and healing products.

Most movements for the beard and moustache area should follow the hair-growth pattern.

For example, most massage movements in the beard area should move downward,

not upward because it is less irritating. Folliculitis can be a problem for many men.


















Folliculitis is inflammation of the hair follicles.

This can be a problem for many men,

especially if they have very coarse or curly beard hair.


Folliculitis is an infection characterized by inflammation and pus.

Improper shaving may also cause folliculitis barbae, where the hair grows

slightly under the skin and is trapped there, causing a bacterial infection.

The treatment goal for this condition is to alleviate the irritation,

dry up and disinfect the pustules, and desensitize the area.

A soothing gel mask is probably the most comfortable product to use in this area.

Pseudofolliculitis, also known as razor bumps, resembles folliculitis without the infection.

This condition also results from improper shaving techniques.

There are products on the market for ingrown hairs that help exfoliate and keep the follicles clean.

Exfoliating is necessary to keep the follicles open. A foaming cleanser will also help a man's beard area. 

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